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COVID Procedures

How are we keeping you safe during the pandemic?

Even though COVID restrictions have been lifted, we're still taking measures to keep everyone as safe as possible. These procedures are outlined below but to keep up to date, we're regularly updating our Facebook page, so keep in touch by joining our group.


Stay safe.


Covid-19 procedures for training

We are following the recommendations made by the English Karate Federation.


Our procedures are as follows:

- ventilating halls wherever possible

- masks to be worn on entry and exit, and by spectators

- keep the same partner for pair work throughout the session (where possible)

- hand sanitiser to be used before and after pair work

- cleaning all equipment like strike pads

Please adhere to social distancing before and after the sessions, especially when arriving and entering the dojo and during drink breaks.

Do NOT attend training if you have any of the Covid-19 symptoms, even if they are only mild and you feel well.

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