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Courses & Gradings

Check your licenses!


Regular checks of licenses should be undertaken. Licences last for 12 months and must be renewed. So please have a look at yours NOW! You can renew your license online, find out how here.

Remember, you CANNOT grade with an out of date license.

PWK merchandise available

Zipped hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts and Gi badges are available to purchase from your Sensei. If you’re competing with our squad then you MUST have a Gi badge and a hoodie. You can also buy a syllabus book.

Join our Facebook group

Keep up to date with the latest club news and also chat with your fellow karate-ka by joining our Facebook group. On Facebook just search under groups for Premier Karate-do Wado-kai or use the link at the bottom of each page.

Squad news

Please let your Sensei know if you're interested in competing in tournaments. You can enter for either kata or kumite (fighting) or both.

It's not just about winning medals - competing in tournaments helps your focus, speed and awareness, so can benefit your training greatly. 

Click here for more information. 


We hold a few courses each year, usually on Sundays at Godalming Borough Hall. Dates will be announced by your Sensei and on our Facebook page. All members should try to attend these courses, as they are a great opportunity to meet and train with other members of the organisation and to focus on your syllabus. Keep watching our Facebook page here.


Rules for courses and gradings

You must have an up to date license in order to attend any course and these licenses must also be produced for every grading. If you forget to bring your license to your grading, or it is out of date when you arrive, you may be refused grading opportunities.

Senior gradings (3rd kyu and above)

Senior gradings occur twice a year, usually in early summer and December. Gradings will start after the morning course, exact time TBC, If you would like to grade, please let your Sensei know.

Dojo Etiquette

General etiquette - here
Bowing in the dojo - here
How to correctly tie your karate belt - here
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